Comic Production

Comic Production Services

Orgnix Studios specialize in comic book production services for clients in retail, entertainment, education and social enterprise. Our team of comic artists identifies your goals and tailors our services to your requirements.  We have a diverse team of comic artists capable of producing a diverse style of illustrations that cater to your objectives and target audience. We have produced a wide range of commercial projects that demand manga illustration style to realistic illustration style. We can produce it in any style that you can imagine.

Telling stories through art

Our creative people research and weave story of all genre: horror comics, sci-fi comics, fantasy comics, humour comics, educational comics, slice of life comics etc. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. We handle all aspects of comic book production: scripting, storyboards, characters / background design, line art, colouring and lettering. Our veteran production team can also handle the production of your end product, including the comic book, CD and DVD packaging, product packaging etc. You can be sure that we have a strong and experienced team to bring your project to success.

We have a strong pool of creative talent that equips us with the ability to create a wonderful range of original projects for you. Do contact us to find out more about our comic production services.


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