Quest 2: Unleashing the Rain Dragon Story Illustrations

Quest 2: Unleashing the Rain Dragon is a fantasy story and collectible game card programme by the National Library Board (NLB).

In the second part of the fantasy trilogy, Ethan and Rinzen are summoned to Rivatuan. The people in Rivatuan are terrorised by a mysterious group of militants who are after the Pearls of Luminous Light. Unfortunately, the Rain Dragon and River Guardian are missing! As the hunt for the Rain Dragon and River Guardian continues, the most important question remains: can they stop the militants in time? The story are released weekly by chapters on National Library Board’s Quest website.

Ethan stared out of the window gloomily. It had been raining continuously for the whole month. Initially, he was happy that the days had turned cooler but after it rained day after day after day, he started to resent it. He could not go anywhere without getting his feet wet and the grey days made him sleepy and grouchy.

“I didn’t say we wouldn’t help. I just said ‘later’. Can’t you see that the fisherman is worried and wants to get back to the village as soon as he can? We won’t be helping by arguing. At least now we can creep to the village unseen. Isn’t that better? We can help more by being unnoticed,” said Ethan quickly, in an attempt to calm his hot-tempered friend down.

“That was hardly necessary Chang,” said Tozap as he walked to the centre where the two groups of people met. As he walked closer to the headman, he raised his arms and pointed to the young man who had shouted out in defense of the headman. The young man raised a cry of alarm and as he was raised off the ground.

Ethan felt something cool being poured into his mouth. It tasted like honeyed water with something else he could not identify. He opened his eyes to see the village headman, the fisherman and Rinzen looking at him. He was in a hut lit by an orange cloth lantern and the one who poured the honeyed water into his mouth was a lady who looked as old as the headman and had her hair all tied up in a bun on top of her head.

Never in his life had Ethan imagined being led by a school of fish. In front of him were hundreds of the luminous blue fishes followed by the crab, light-bulb fish and lastly, the two of them as seahorses.

The dragon curled itself back to its original position, satisfied with Rinzen’s answer and then said, “Can you find her?”

With hurried thanks, the children and Pong made their way into the thick jungle with the River Guardian and half ran, half trotted till they were a safe distance from the village. They stopped at a huge tree and Pong gently laid the River Guardian on a large banana leaf.

In the greenish-blue world of the river, Ethan found hundreds of eyes looking at him. Most belonged to fishes and there were a great many of them.

Ethan panicked. He had expected divers, not a marine taskforce. How would their army be able to attack people hidden in vehicles of steel? Before he could tell Hong that these vehicles could not be easily broken, Hong had shouted the command for the fishes to charge.


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