Quest 2: Unleashing the Rain Dragon Card Illustrations

We are absolutely thrilled to be involved in Quest: Unleashing the Rain Dragon by the National Library Board (NLB). Quest is a fantasy story and collectible card game with the purpose of getting reluctant young readers, particularly boys aged 7-12 years old, to read.

Quest 1 was a roaring success and we are proud to be a part of it. In order to inject a fresh look to Quest 2, we decided to go for an illustration style that’s different from Quest 1. Taking into consideration the target audience, we decided on the anime look and feel since young boys would find it appealing.

Check out the launch of Quest 2 at Woodlands Regional Library.

You can also go to Quest website for more information.

In the meantime, here’s an introduction to the key characters in Quest 2!


With his ability in magic growing day by day, Ethan discovers that he possesses the rare ability of magic control by thought and imagination.


Freshly awake, Rinzen is all ready to embark on another adventure with Ethan, this time in search of the Rain Dragon.


Anh Ha the River Guardian lives on a floating invisible island in the middle of the River Vian and is kidnapped by Tozap for the location of the luminous pearls.


The guardian of River Vian; this young and slightly plump River Dragon falls into the depths of despair when his best friend, the River Guardian, goes missing.


The courageous headman of Rivatuan risks his safety in spite of his old age to protect the village from being raided by Tozap who wants the luminous pearls.


With his past a mystery and revenge his goal, the Chief Executive Officer will stop at nothing to get the luminous pearls which will aid him in his mission for absolute control over the different realms.


Without his memories of what happened in Chushan, Uncle Richard suffers from frequent headaches and is forced to take orders from Tozap.


Having risen to new ranks of power since his days as an advisor to the King of Chushan, Tozap utilises his position to the fullest in order to get what he wants, whether by force or magic.



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