Quest: An Adventure Awaits Story Illustrations

Quest: An Adventure Awaits is the first part of the fantasy trilogy by the National Library Board (NLB).

The author of Quest of the Celestial Dragon is Felicia Chan, a librarian in NLB. Ethan has been entrusted with the responsibility to restore the Celestial Dragon’s power and save an entire country from an unscrupulous outsider. With the help of Rinzen the Dragonkeeper, will Ethan succeed in uncovering the plot of the mysterious traitor? Here are a selection of story illustrations for Quest 1 which we did for the National Library Board as well as its story extracts. The illustrations were updated bi-weekly on the National Library Board’s website. Visit the Quest website to follow the adventure of Ethan and Rinzen!

Ethan had barely reached his room when the door clicked open. Ethan looked at the four new bundles of bags being hauled in and let out a groan. “Not again, Mom. There is no more room in the house. Why don’t you sell off what we have first before getting new stuff?”

Ethan eyed the dragon statue suspiciously. It certainly did not look like treasure. There were scratches on some of its scales, the gold looked dull and not to mention, somewhat pasted on like cheap gold paint.

Before he had the chance to get out of bed to pick up the tank, he heard his lizard hissing. Adjusting his eyes to the darkness, he turned his head in the direction of the sound and thought at once his eyes were playing tricks on him. The dragon statue was glowing in the dark!

“Who are you and what are you doing here? If you are thinking about stealing any of my goats, I warn you that there is more strength in these old bones than you think.” he spoke harshly, pointing to his limbs.

Just as he was about to get up from the bed, the door burst open and a girl of about fifteen stormed in. She was beautiful, fair of skin, with jet-black silky hair that fell down to her waist.

By the time Rinzen had finished explaining her elaborate plan which involved creeping out that night from the inn where they were hiding, breaking into the palace, finding the king’s advisor who would have a clear picture of the situation and fishing for the location of the dragon’s eyes, Ethan found he could hardly keep his eyes open.

When the sky turned dark and the streets emptied, Ethan and Rinzen slipped out and slid unnoticed into the streets, keeping to sidewalks and back alleys. It was deadly quiet. Everyone had retired to their homes especially since no one was sure what was happening and therefore, wanted to be safe in their home once the sun had set.

He saw the face of the attacker. Something was terribly wrong. The man was none other than Uncle Richard, his mother’s brother who traded in goods together with her! Both stood staring at each other in complete shock.

A man as thin as a bean-pole with pale, sickly white skin rushed into the king’s chamber, picked Rinzen up from the floor and hurriedly dragged Ethan away, mentioning something about being the king’s advisor He led the way quickly down the many corridors.

There, at the entrance, Ethan’s uncle and his men were loading huge quantities of gold on a wagon; the old king was their hostage. Rinzen was nowhere in sight. Ethan’s uncle had a book clutched tightly under his arm and Ethan assumed that it was the book that contained the charm to turn metal into gold.


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