Quest: An Adventure Awaits Card Illustrations

Quest: An Adventure Awaits is a fantasy story and collectible card game programme by Singapore’s National Library Board (NLB).

There are a total of 60 collectible cards. It’s easy to get started on Quest, just simply exchange a loan receipt of four books for a pack of collectible cards from any public library (library@Esplanade)! Start your collection now and unravel the mystery! Here are a selection of card illustrations we did for the National Library Board and a quick introduction to the Quest characters.

Go to our main company site for more information about Quest.


Ethan. A typical twelve year old boy who is unaware that he’s about to embark on an adventure beyond his wildest imagination. He is also an apprentice magic practitioner who is just starting to understand magic and simple spells.


Rinzen. Dragonkeeper of Chushan. Well versed in most spells. The only person with the ability to open the door of the Dragon Library, together with the King of Chushan.


Richard. Ethan’s mercenary uncle who supplies Ethan’s mother with goods that can be sold for a small profit.


Ethan’s mother. A saleswoman who buys things cheap and sells them off for a small profit. She can be rather absent-minded where housekeeping is concerned.


Shepherd. An old shepherd who looks about a hundred years old. He is the first person Ethan meets when he arrives in Chushan


Sprites. Guardians of the Dragon Library who take care of books.



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