Character Design for Fuchun Secondary School’s Comics

We have completed a short comics story for Fuchun Secondary School’s promotion brochure. The promotion brochure is targeted at primary school leavers and the school wanted something that appeals to this target group.

For this year, we proposed a short comics story and a papercraft toy that’s based on one of the characters in the story. We had a few story ideas and eventually the school nailed down on an intergalactic space race story. So here we are, presenting some of the character design for the short comics.

Ray is a student of Fuchun Secondary School and a member of the Youth Flying Card. He is smart and loves adventure but also arrogant and full of himself. He’s an extremely talented pilot and in part 2 of the comic, will save the world from destruction. Oops.. there is never going to be a part 2.

Tom is Ray’s best friend. Tom is humble and kindhearted. Unlike Ray, Tom doesn’t like to take risk and tends to worry too much. He’s the kind of guy who you tends to take advantage of in real life.

Starbee is a friendly transforming robot aircraft that brought Ray and Tom to the planet Dalny, where the intergalactic space race is held. Initially, the aircraft wasn’t meant to be a transforming robot but we thought if it has a humanoid robot form, there would be some character to it. Fans of transformers might have spotted this. Starbee’s name is derived from Starscream and Bumblebee. Having Starbee is yellow is a no-brainer. Yellow is a cheerful colour and Bumblebee is in yellow too.

Kubari is a female humanoid alien from the planet AKB48. We drew inspiration from the Japanese female idol group of the same name. Kubari is cute, sweet looking but arrogant, a similar character trait that she shared with Ray. She’s a great pilot and her flying skill is on par with Ray.

Yoggi is a male aquatic alien and an ace pilot from the planet D-24. The co-creator of this comic has been eating a lot of durians when this comic story was written, hence the name D-24. This character is not inspired by Yogi Bear.

Go to our main company website for more information about the promotion brochure for Fuchun Secondary School.


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